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Test Results Portal

How to Get Started

Signing up to our COVID-19 Test Results Portal is a simple process and can be completed in only a few moments.
Simply click the Sign-up / Sign-in button below to create your OpenSocial account and get started.

Account Signup

Account Signup

The first step is to create your account. It’s simple, quick, and it’s secure.

Clicking the Sign-up/Sign-in button on this page lets you use one of your existing social media accounts (like Facebook, Twitter or LinkedIn) to create your Patient Results Portal account and automatically sign in whenever you visit. Or you can create a separate login using your email address.

Once you’re signed up, you can view your result as soon as it’s ready.

Access Results

The final step of the Patient Results Portal process is the reason for the whole system: getting your COVID-19 test result. Like creating your account accessing your result is simple and quick.

You will get an email notification as soon as your result is ready, with a link to sign in and view your result. There’ll be a quick and simple positive/negative result.

You’ll also see a link so that you can view/download/print the full report. Please create your account to set up your COVID-19 test.